Contract Therapy Software – is it time to take the leap?

Times are changing – everyone is online, everything is digital.  The home health industry was the last frontier of the medical industry that went paperless.  Figuring out when to take the leap for your contract therapy company can be one of the hardest decisions to make, trust us – we have been there ourselves.

There are several factors that a therapy business owner should consider when making this decision, we are going to break it down for you.

  1. You are losing business due to slow turn around, poor quality and lack of communication overall.
  2. You are not able to bill fast enough due to billing & payroll taking so long to reconcile.
  3. You continue to make simple mistakes each and every day that are adding up and costing your company money.
  4. Audits continue to show poor documentation and a lack of consistency in your therapists documentation.
  5. The cost of running is business is rising, but your case loads are not.

All of these factors can push a contract therapy business owner to purchasing software to help streamline your business.  All contractors can relate to one or more of these problems and they are common among all contract therapy businesses.  A combination of them will definitely impact your business and software is needed to steady the ship.

  • TherapySync provides contract therapy software that will increase the speed in which paperwork is delivered to your agencies.
  • TherapySync provides software that will get you billing faster and paying your employees more accurately than ever before.
  • TherapySync will stop the mistakes that are adding up daily and slowing the progress of your company as a whole.
  • TherapySync will give your agencies the piece of mind that they need come audit time.
  • TherapySync will quickly lower your cost while increasing accuracy, lower the amount of staff you need to manage and do a better job of managing the staff you do keep on board.

As you can see – software is vital, and there are lots of options out there – only one has been here since day one, TherapySync.

Learn more about how TherapySync can bring your contract therapy company to the future by visiting our main website –

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